Welcome to Dr Sketchys Sydney Online Sketch Club! 

Live stream

We’re so pleased to be able to bring you an interactive live broadcast of our Dr Sketchy's show. The prizes and competitions throughout the broadcast.

Thank you to the Rockstar's at Endframe for making this possible!

Click here to join the livestream (Link will not work until 7.00pm on Tuesday, 22nd June) 

Step 1 - Buy a ticket and add it to your diary, you don’t want to miss it! 

Step 2 - For the best experience, set yourself up with two devices such as a laptop or desktop for viewing the show, and a phone or tablet for the live chat and interaction.

Step 3 - You will be sent a reminder email with a link and password one hour before the show. The live stream opens 10 minutes before the main event so settle in, grab a drink and get ready to draw.

Step 4 - Chat, share and listen:

Facebook: ‘discussion tab’:     HERE

Instagram: post artwork           HERE

See you soon!

Dr Sketchy & Co
+61 450 022 104

PS - If you need a hand, you can DM our crew via the Facebook Event Discussion or SMS Alisa on M: 0450 022 104 (and I’ll try to help!)

If you're not on social media, email your artwork to alisa@drsketchy.com.au and we can post on your behalf. 

If you have any issues please contact us via support@drsketchy.com.au

NEXT LIVE EVENT: Tuesday, 22nd June